The Audits

Each of these 24 non-financial, company self-assessment audits is ready-to-run in your organisation.
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Strategy & General Management

The Business Innovation Audit
A 10-step business self-assessment tool to help assess, expand and release your organisation’s innovating potential

The Business Strategy Audit
A company self-appraisal to analyse the effectiveness of your business strategy and your strategy-making process

The Corporate Culture Audit
A 5-step approach to evaluating your organisational culture – then harnessing that culture to win competitive advantage

The Cost of Quality Audit
A management toolkit to drive down the cost of errors, inefficiency, waste and rework in your organisation

The Customer Satisfaction Audit
An 8-step approach to ensure that your organisation stays focused on customer needs

The Organisational Leadership Audit
A 6-step business improvement tool to help organisations build an effective leadership structure and culture

The Organisation Shadow-Side Audit
A guide to understanding and managing rivalries, ambition, greed, intimidation and office politics in your organisation

The Partnership and Alliances Audit A structured assessment of your company's existing and proposed joint ventures and partnerships

The Productivity Audit
An in-company self-assessment to identify key areas where productivity improvements can be achieved

Human Resources

The Employee Motivation Audit
An 8-step audit to determine how well-equipped you are to win and retain employee commitment

The Human Resource Function Audit
The tools to review, measure and assess the role, contribution and performance of your organisation’s HR function

The Human Resource Planning Audit
A 6-Step audit to help analyse, estimate and meet your organisation’s staff and workforce needs

The Organisational Change Audit
A guide to designing, implementing and evaluating organisational change initiatives in your organisation

The Payroll Audit
A 6-step audit to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the payroll function

The People Policies Audit
A 7-step audit to determine the people policies necessary to achieve your organisation’s operational and strategic goals

The Performance Management Audit
An 8-step audit to help analyse, develop and improve performance management processes so your organisation achieves its business goals

The Reward and Benefits Audit
An 8-step audit to ensure that your company can attract, retain and motivate the quality of people it needs to achieve its business goals

The Teams Audit
A 7-step approach to evaluating how well your organisation supports and sustains teams and teamworking

The Training and Development Audit
An 8-step audit to measure, assess and enhance the way your organisation trains and develops its people


The Customer Loyalty Audit
A 7-step audit to determine how well-equipped you are to win and retain customer loyalty

The Customer Support Audit
The tools to measure and monitor your company's customer service and after-sales support programme

The Franchising Audit
A complete self-assessment framework to measure the likely success of an existing or planned franchise initiative

The Pricing Strategy Audit
An in-company assessment to help create the best possible pricing strategy for your organisation

The Strategic Marketing Plan Audit
A detailed, top management review of every aspect of your company’s marketing strategy