The Customer Loyalty Audit

A seven-step audit to determine how well-equipped you are to win and retain customer loyalty

In an age where customer satisfaction is no longer good enough, your organisation must take steps to build absolute customer loyalty.

Do you have a CCO (Chief Customer Officer) as well as a CEO and a CFO? If not, should you have one? As customer loyalty becomes the Holy Grail for any successful business, this audit lets you ask: "How loyal are our customers?" and much more important "How well-equipped are we to win and maintain customer loyalty?"

After a persuasive briefing on managing the transition from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty, this audit sets out a 7-Step Roadmap:

  1. Top Management Commitment and Involvement - the essential first step in laying the groundwork for any customer loyalty programme.
  2. Establishing a Base Line - Internal Benchmarking - gathering best practice data from within your own organisation.
  3. Determining Customer Requirements - these can never be guessed or taken for granted.
  4. Assessing the Capabilities of Competition - your customers are making these comparisons, so you have to.
  5. Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty – customer satisfaction metrics look simple but are notoriously unreliable: find out which approach to use in which situation.
  6. Analysing Customer and Competitive Feedback - develop a system for tracking, recording and analysing feedback.
  7. Continuous Improvement - developing a system for continuously reviewing progress, repeating the audit and making further changes and improvements.

Each step includes a ready-made audit questionnaire and rating form that you can run right away - giving you more than 130 questions to help you see right inside your processes and procedures for establishing and maintaining customer loyalty.