The Customer Support Audit

The tools to measure and monitor your company's customer service and after-sales support programme

In 2-3 days, using this audit, you can review your whole customer support/after-sales programme. Measure "how good" your customer support is - then look deeper and see how well you use it to differentiate your business and to win competitive advantage. Complete the audit and get answers to questions like these about your customer support programme:

  • How well does it cater for different market segments?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • Do you use the best mix of in-house and external resources?
  • How well do you set goals, control costs and ensure flexibility?
  • How well do your customer support teams work?
  • How effectively do you manage the information available about
    a) your customers and
    b) your own business?

Overall, the audit results are designed to help you map out the "ideal" customer support programme for your business. The audit's seven steps are:

Step 1: Define the Strategic Role of Customer Support

Step 2: Assess the Support Marketing Mix

Step 3: Evaluate Pricing and Marketing Communications

Step 4: Review Access to Customer Support

Step 5: Determine Support Process Capability

Step 6: Assess Performance Management

Step 7: Develop the Business through Customer Support

The audit includes 28 Questionnaires, 10 Checklists, 18 Exercises and 8 illustrative figures. Together they provide a practical and effective toolkit for analysing and improving customer service and support.