The Employee Motivation Audit

An 8-Step audit to help you measure and improve the way you motivate employees and win and retain their commitment

Staff loyalty and commitment are often seen as part of the company culture - as issues which cannot be directly controlled and which can be changed only very slowly.

This audit shows that staff loyalty and commitment can be directly tied to company policies and actions, that problems can be anticipated accurately, and that key changes can be made quickly and easily. These changes can quickly and significantly improve staff morale, motivation and retention levels.

Use the audit to ensure that your investment in your staff is fully repaid - as your business learns to attract and keep the very best people.

After reviewing the different ways of motivating employees - their advantages and disadvantages - the audit presents you with 8 self-assessment questionnaires. Use them to measure:

  1. How far you consider employee motivation when making important business and strategy decisions.
  2. How far your reward and recognition systems encourage employee motivation.
  3. Whether work is organised in a way that will motivate people.
  4. How leadership style in your organisation affects employee motivation.
  5. Whether teams and teamwork help to win employee commitment in your business.
  6. How well you involve and empower employees.
  7. How well your organisation manages performance.
  8. How well your organisation improves and adapts the way it does business.