The Human Resource Function Audit

The tools to review, measure and assess the role, contribution and performance of your organisation’s HR function

This audit pulls together all the other HR audits. Drawing on what you know about people policies, pay and remuneration, training and leadership skills you can now measure the real importance of your HR function.

This audit is not designed to threaten or 'call to account' the HR function - there will inevitably be areas where it is performing well and areas where it is not.

Instead, it is designed to highlight:

  • Those responsibilities of the HR function where more time and resources should be focused
  • Times when the organisation should involve the HR function more closely in strategic planning or in the implementation of its strategy
  • New and beneficial ways of structuring or restructuring the HR function
  • Ways in which information, skills and knowledge available to the HR function can be more widely used and shared
  • New responsibilities which the HR function should take on, and others which it may be able to pass to other functions, line managers, teams or individual staff

Finally, the audit outlines ways of monitoring the performance of the HR function and how it compares against other organisations.

Part 3 of the audit suggests dozens of tried-and-tested questions that will help the audit team reach well-informed conclusions and present clear recommendations for change.