The Partnership and Alliances Audit

A structured assessment of your company's existing and proposed joint ventures and partnerships

Joint ventures and strategic partnerships help you move into broader markets, capitalise on technological advances and achieve growth fast. But far too many fail. This audit will help you strengthen existing partnerships and alliances - to avoid these potential pitfalls - and assess the merits of any future alliances that you may be considering.

This audit comes in two parts - the first devoted to technology-based alliances in the manufacturing sector, and the second devoted to service sector firms. Both are designed as audit blueprints – so you can tailor them to your own organisation’s exact requirements.

Use it to:

  • clarify your objectives in entering into the alliance
  • assess your own strengths, weaknesses and exposures, and those of your partner (or proposed partner)
  • evaluate the merits of the alliance
  • decide who will gain most and what you stand to lose if the alliance goes wrong.

For both manufacturing and service sector alliances, this audit will help you evaluate potential partners, management compatibility, strategic conflicts and the final agreement itself. The audit also contains essential tools like the Key Resource Analysis and a detailed checklist of partner criteria. Then you can also use the audit to see whether the alliance fits one of the 4 major types, and meets the key criteria for success. Finally, check your alliance against the Seven Strategic Goals for partnerships and alliance:

  1. Accessing new technologies and competencies
  2. Exploiting new market opportunities
  3. Building market position
  4. Specialising
  5. Achieving critical mass
  6. Achieving cost leadership
  7. Withdrawing from the market