The Strategic Marketing Plan Audit

A detailed top-management review of your company’s marketing strategy

The Strategic Marketing Plan Audit covers the whole process of planning your corporate marketing strategy (or - in larger organisations - the marketing strategy of a business unit).

The audit identifies and explains 7 types of strategic marketing planning - you'll discover which one you should be using and which one you are using now. Then go on to evaluate your existing marketing objectives and find out:

a) how well your marketing strategy and tactics are aligned with those objectives

b) and whether they are achieving those objectives in practice.

Following an Executive Summary and detailed background briefing, the audit is broken down into 8 clear steps:

Step 1: Mission Statement

Step 2: Marketing Appreciation

Step 3: Conclusions and Key Assumptions

Step 4 : Strategic Objectives

Step 5: Core Strategy

Step 6: Key Policies

Step 7: Administration and Control

Step 8: Communication and Timing

This is the definitive audit for any marketing department or function. It underpins all the other marketing audits available from Cambridge Strategy. We recommend that every organisation should undertake it early in the self-assessment process.