The Training and Development Audit

A 3-part guide to measuring and improving the effectiveness of Training and Development (T&D) activities right across your business.

This self-assessment audit sets out to answer questions like these for your organisation's T&D function:

  • Does the T&D process meet current business needs and deliver the company's vision/goals?
  • Does the T&D function set clear performance improvement goals and measure its results?
  • How well is T&D managed and run?
  • How is the T&D process perceived by the rest of the organisation?
  • Is the T&D process cost-effective?
  • Do T&D plans and policies respond quickly and effectively to changing business needs?

The 3-Part audit works like this:

In Part 1, you will survey perceptions about the role, organisation and impact of T&D in your business.

In Part 2, you will use checklists, interviews and questionnaires to gather objective data about every aspect of the T&D function and its activities.

In Part 3, you will identify any weaknesses or gaps between intention and reality - then deliver recommendations for future T&D organisation, planning and delivery.

Run correctly, the audit will:

  • Ensure that all T&D activities have maximum impact on individual, team and company performance.
  • Integrate the T&D function more closely into the rest of the organisation.
  • Enable the T&D function to measure and monitor performance improvement more effectively.
  • Give senior management a clear measure of the cost-effectiveness of resources it allocates to T&D.